I Had Cancer…

I Had Cancer…

In 2006, I was diagnosed with cancer. It was then, as I researched alternative treatment methods, that I first discovered organic food.

I came across Medifoods as I taught at a school nearby. I met Mr Looi, the owner, who was a very approachable person and turned out to be very kind and caring. Being a pharmacist, he was able to give me lots of advice on eating habits and what should be in my diet.

Since then I have made major changes to my diet. My diet today is 100% organic and 100% vegetarian. I also use organic food when I cook for my family; they are about 50% organic as they still eat meat.

I have also made changes to my lifestyle such as reducing my stress levels and controlling my emotions. As a result, my cancer has been in remission for the last four years.

I highly recommend Medifoods to my friends. Not only is the food good, the service is also excellent and very personalised. The staff are caring, sincere and make every effort to make you feel welcome. The introduction of the membership programme, which allows members to purchase items at discounts, is also very enticing.

In fact, just the other day as I was having my lunch – I have lunch at Medifoods almost everyday – I overheard a lady at another table tell her companions: “This is a place I will come back to. Eventhough I can get the same portion of food elsewhere, here, I feel like family.” That is exactly how I feel.

To those who have doubts, my advice to you is to come and try. Taste for yourself the goodness of organic food. You can even visit their farms on organised trips and see the uniqueness for yourself.

– Kuah Bee Tin, 48 yrs old, teacher – Regular at Medifoods, USJ