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Chinese Vegetarian

Are you certain that the widely available and commercially prepared vegetarian dishes offer healthier options? It’s different at Medifoods; because your health is our priority!

Our Chinese vegetarian dishes are served with wholesome vegetables, enriched with protein and free of vegetarian ‘meat’.

The sumptuous platter is served with rice, 3 side-dishes and one double-boiled soup!

Ginger Soy Fish Cake
Vegetarian soy fish topped with ginger paste and soy sauce
Gong Bao Mushroom Tofu
Fried mushroom served in a sweet and savoury sauce

Pumpkin Luo Han Zhai
An assortment of mushrooms, vegetables and white silken tofu in pumpkin sauce
Sweet & Sour Monkey Head Mushroom
Fried breaded monkey head mushroom on a bed of tofu topped with homemade sweet and sour cranberry sauce