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Medifoods Delights

Malaysia is home to a variety of favourite ‘local foods’! We can find them everywhere, and we have the opportunity to enjoy them 24/7/365!

But why not eat them healthy, and guilt-free! So go ahead and order your favourite local dish.

We will prepare them with the freshest of ingredients, with less oil, the right pinch of salt, no MSG; and the resulting taste will surprise you!

Medifoods Nasi Lemak
Enjoy the healthy version of the classic malaysian delight we all love
Lei Cha
Assortment of vegetables & nut served with rice and our signature basil blended soup

Black Pepper Udon
Udon noodle stir fried with blackpepper, soy sauce and mixed vegetables
Kwai Fa Mee
Stir fried mee in special tomato sauce topped with organic egg

Japanese Charcoal Soba
Japanese charcoal noodles served with vegetable miso soup
Cantonese Style Mee Sua
Rice vermicelli cooked in vegetable soup infused with organic egg

MF Special Fried Rice
Fried rice with egg, textured soy protein, capsicum and our own lui cha sauce
Bittergourd Mee Hoon
Bittergourd braised in vegatble soup along with tofu, bamboo fungus and rice vermicilli

Japanese Ramen
Udon noodles served in a light miso soup with egg, japanese tofu, oyster mushroom and seaweed
Medifoods Porridge
Boiled calrose rice with pumpkin, textured soy protein, tofu, toman fish and topped with fried meehoon

Hokkien Vegetarian Fried Mee Hoon
Fried rice vermicili with cloud ear, carrot and topped with vegetarian fish
Curry Mee Hoon
Rice vermicilli served in santan-free curry with chicken, long beans , tau pok and enoki mushrooms

Medifoods Rice
Long grain Basmati rice with lentil and millets