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Did you know that a commercial vegetarian pasta is loaded with oil & carbs, and lacks proteins? This is a challenge we like!

Our chefs and dietitians have created a selection of nutritious and balanced pastas for a healthy you, and to delight your taste-buds! Have a guilt-free go at our Pastas!

Garden Aglio Olio
Pasta tossed with capsicum, tofu, soybean chunks and special herb-infused olive oil
Spicy Aglio Olio
Pasta tossed with traditional Asian spices and served with pan fried diced vegetables

Bolognese Aglio Olio
Bolognese spaghetti with chunky vegetables
Cauliflower Fettuccine
Creamy fettuccine served with green peas, cauliflower and long beans

Fusion Spaghetti
It's unique and one of a kind!