Our Uniqueness



Our Chefs Use Revitalised Water
  • All of our Chefs utilise revitalised water to cook every dish.
  • The revitalised water is produced by leveraging the benefits of two water purification technologies – Cell-Gen Water System (Japan) and Grander Technology (Austria).
Choice Supplies of Organic and Natural Food
  • Our Vision is to Leave a Legacy of Caring for the Health and Happiness of the Communities We Serve, by Partnering With Nature to Deliver Reliable and Quality Food Solutions.
Nutrition Facts Accompany Every Dish Served
  • We believe that a tasty meal must be nutritious as well. And we value the need to give our customers the opportunity to make informed choices about their order.
  • That is why we carried out a meticulous analysis in order to uncover the nutritional composition of every dish. The result is a menu that is informative; and one that will help our customers to choose their tasty, and healthy dish!
A Health-Empowering and Tasty Menu
  • Made possible by synergising the talent and experience of our Team of Chefs and Dietitians.
Nutrition Advice from Qualified Professionals
  • Our qualified Nutritionists, Dietitians, and Pharmacists are ready to give pertinent advice and answers. This way, we are pioneering a service that is much needed in the food industry.
Pioneering the Healthy Lifestyle Café in Hospitals
  • The Medifoods Lifestyle Café represents the first of its type of Healthy F&B outlets in the hospital setting. This service will fulfill the desire to eat tasty yet healthy food, and serve a mix of customers such as patients, healthcare professionals, and visitors.
Friendly Lifestyle Stores to Serve the Community
  • In our customers’ own words – “…a friendly destination for genuine wholesome guilt-free, tasty & healthy food, with good advice to go…”
Our Value-Added Services: Catering and Deliveries
  • Tasty and healthy food arriving hot at your doorstep via our catering and delivery services (Available soon)
Your Orders Served with a SMILE!
  • The Medifoods’ Unique Experience is delivered by our people. They are responsive, and will serve with a SMILE!