Vision & Mission


& Mission

The Medifoods Journey
Due to the rising prevalence of diseases that are linked to diet and lifestyle and a lack of understanding on holistic healthcare, many customers are ill-informed and confused on how to effectively deal with those health issues. A pharmacist by training, Medifoods founder, Mr. Looi Tyck Lam has observed how individuals were empowered to deal with their conditions as a result of having the right knowledge and determination to make appropriate lifestyle changes. Mr. Looi has recognised that for the greater good of the community Medifoods must play a more active role to address the need-gap in current holistic healthcare approaches in our community.
Starting as Medifoods Trading in 2005, the business then encompassed 3 portfolios – an organic farm in Genting Highlands, a retail café-cum-store in Subang Jaya, and an advisory service for his customers. Over time, a growing customer base gave Medifoods the opportunity to forge strategic alliances with supplying farms that were committed to sustainable farming methods. These include planned crop rotation, the use of natural fertilisers and zero pesticides. Medifoods has since ventured into the franchise business; thus helping to reach out to more people in communities and deliver the purpose of the brand whilst realising the vision of the founder.
As time passes, many communities will benefit from the Medifoods’ Purpose. Medifoods will consistently reach out and improve the quality of life of people in a holistic manner.
Our Vision
Our vision is our “North Star”. It will define what we aspire to achieve over time, our future desired state, and it must inspire our people. Our Vision is to Leave a Legacy of Caring for the Health and Happiness of the Communities We Serve, by Partnering With Nature to Deliver Reliable and Quality Food Solutions.
Our Mission
Our mission will articulate why we exist; specifically our purpose for all of our stakeholders. We aim to empower People and Communities by giving them the opportunity to take charge of their health and lifestyle.
Our Brand Values
Our values are what our customers and stakeholders will see and feel in all of their moments of truth with us. Our values are codified in the form of the 3Cs — Compassion, Conviction, and Credibility.